Ignited Brochure:
This product is shaped like cigarettes, the application of Chinese aroma therapy that Chinese medicine theory,the creation of smoking “smoke” to quit smoking, this product is made of a variety of valuable natural herbal aromatic resuscitation, the scientific refining process. Its mechanism by suction “smoke” quit smoking, meets smokers smoking habits and movements and special group of parties to the odor of the human body have a calming, sedative effect to achieve the purpose of progressive control addiction to improve smoking cessation success rate.

Specification: 1*16 support.

Dosage:10-20 suction branch, six days of continuous use, using this product after ignition, such as smoking, like suction specific use, please follow the package insert shall prevail.

Product life cycle: ten box as a smoking cessation period.

Ingredients: Corn, cinnamon, cloves, catechu, menthol, borneol, licorice, ginger and so on.

Note: using this period, non-cigarette smoking, or affect the effect of smoking cessation. Pregnant women and severe heart disease under the guidance of the physician.

Storage:sealed in cool and dry place. Shelf life of two years.

Helps to reduce nicotina addiction without smoking cessation syndroms of fidgety and uneasy.

this herbal cigarete contains No Nicotine thus has no toxic effect from nicotine.

Package Contains
16 cigarettes/ per box