Natural Dry Herbs–Spina Date Seed/Suan zao ren(200g)


Medicinal use
Spina Date Seed(Suanzaoren) is one kind of chinese nature dry herb that can be used for heart palpitations and insomnia, can raise the heart Yin, soothe the blood and nerves of the effect. With Anemarrhena, Poria, Chuanxiong equivalent, such as Suanzaoren soup.
And also can be used for spontaneous perspiration, night sweats.

It has sedative and hypnotic effects;
It can lower the body temperature anticonvulsant;
Significant and sustained antihypertensive effect;
Myocardial ischemia;
Can regulate blood lipids, can improve coronary atherosclerosis;
Anti-arrhythmia effects;
Can improve cellular immunity