2 bottle of Si Jun Zi Tang


Formula actions:
Being an integral part of the nature, the rhythm of human body always synchronize the changing seasons in the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Hence it becomes an unwritten rule that preferred timing for nourishing Yang is in spring and summer while nourishing Yin in autumn and winter. In regards to Chinese herbal remedies for regulating and tonifying yang Qi, Si Jun Zi Tang Wan, Four Gentlemen Decoction or Teapills, is one of essential herbal formulas any TCM Practitioners can??t afford to ignore. Being a well-known traditional basic recipe mainly for Qi deficiency in spleen and stomach.

Modern medicine studies also show that this prescription has following functions.
Improve gastrointestinal function, often used in CG (Chronic Gastritis) and gastroduodenal ulcer due to deficient spleen Qi; (1)
Strengthen the body??s immune function; (2)
Improve bone marrow hematopoietic function and speed up the production of red blood cells; (3)
Leverage the repairing of hepatic tissue and improve therapy for shock by promoting the rising of blood pressure. (4)

2 tablets, 2 times/day, after meals.